The mission of the reHOME Project is to demonstrate that with thoughtful design and rigorous sourcing strategies, we can reduce construction waste, keep materials out of our landfills and provide affordable housing for our communities.

A World in Need of Change

Did you know that in any given year the building, renovating or destruction of structures generates an estimated 600 million tons of construction and demolition waste in the United States alone? On Bainbridge Island alone, local construction firms estimate they dump 2,000 tons of construction waste into our regional landfills annually.

At the same, we are experiencing a housing crisis in the United States. Due to the lack of inventory, the high cost of housing development, the residual effects of the 2008 financial crisis and other factors, many working families struggle to find housing they can afford, especially in affluent communities like Bainbridge Island.  This includes school employees, childcare professionals, farm and restaurant workers, small business owners and those who provide essential services.

reHOME Goals

We envision that these homes, built from recycled materials, will become symbols of resilience and regeneration.

Recycled Materials

To build affordable homes using materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill or that can be repurposed for a brand-new use.

Reduce Costs

To design and build for a third of the cost of today’s construction prices.

Sustainable Growth

To develop properties that can accommodate growing neighborhoods of recycled homes.

Launch Project

Morales Farm Tiny Houses

The reHOME project at Morales Farm will provide three new living spaces adjacent to the existing farmhouse, that are constructed with recycled or repurposed materials.

Each new living space will have two private sleeping areas, a small common area, and a bathroom with a shower.

By separating the common living space in the house from private living space in three satellite bedrooms, direly needed intern housing will be provided for up to five unrelated adults.

The original Morales farmhouse will be renovated and provide communal cooking facilities, gathering space, and workspace for the residents.

Recycled – Innovative Design

The Morales Farm houses will be sourced and constructed from recycled or repurposed materials.  Firms involved are contributing design and construction services totally pro bono.  State-of-the-art software has been designed to specifically locate, vet and catalog construction materials.  Storage containers housing donated materials are also provided free of charge by the reHome Team.

Structures placed on the Morales public farmland site are required by code to be permanent.    To accommodate this requirement, but to enable possible future relocation, the team designed an inventive non-typical foundation of diamond piers that can easily be cut, and the structures relocated.

Why Farm Housing?

Farmer housing is in crisis. Interns, working for and learning from the Island’s seasoned farmers need somewhere safe and local to stay. New farmers, ready to start their own farms and provide food for the community need affordable land and housing as they get themselves established. Housing that is affordable to them is a barrier that keeps our farming community from growing.

Meet the Project Team

The reHOME team is excited to launch this novel and sustainable design solution to the housing challenges on Bainbridge Island. This project will help to ease our farmer housing crisis while featuring new and innovative ideas in green building and design.

Coates Architects + Interiors is a 17- person architectural firm located on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. Coates is a dynamic, forward-thinking team of design professionals who specialize in sustainable design and green building techniques, creating carefully considered projects that are beautifully timeless. Our workforce design engine is one of the most powerful and talented in the region. Our clients benefit from the collaborative innovative spirit that comes from putting self-starters and leaders under one roof. The firm provides design services for commercial, civic, residential and healthcare projects throughout the United States. Services include architecture, interior design, programming, planning and feasibility studies.

Clark Construction Inc. headquartered on Bainbridge Island is one of the Puget Sound region’s premier construction firms. Our team of highly skilled construction professionals brings experience in an impressive range of projects, both commercial and residential. An employee-owned company, we are committed to building exceptional structures that reflect fine craftsmanship, superior attention to detail, outstanding value, and customer satisfaction that exceeds the expectations of every valued client.

Friends of the Farms works to ensure the future of local farming and build a healthier community through a resilient and equitable food ecosystem.

We envision:
o An abundance of thriving local farms
and local food purveyors, creating jobs and supporting living wages.

o A growing next generation of local farmers and businesses with equitable access to farming opportunities.

o A community in which all are equipped to make informed food choices and have access to locally grown, seasonal, nutritious food.

o An enhancement of ecological vitality through healthy farm ecosystems.

o A culturally diverse farming community honoring our local agricultural heritage.

Since 1989, Housing Resources Bainbridge has created affordable homes on Bainbridge so that people with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise can live here and contribute to the vitality of our community. Farmers contribute abundantly — stewarding our lands and nourishing our families. We are thrilled to participate in a project that provides housing for these farmers and achieves affordability through innovative and environmentally responsible design.

“Clark Construction strongly believes there is a need for more affordable homes on Bainbridge island so that everyone that works in the community can live in the community. We are excited to donate to and be engaged with this project to develop a replicable affordable housing model and keep usable materials out of the landfill. What excites us most is the dynamic collaboration between Coates Architect and Design, Housing Resources Bainbridge, Friends of the Farms, Clark Construction, and the BI community at large.”

“I was inspired to create the reHOME concept after witnessing the phenomenal amount of construction waste produced by our design projects.  Over the years the growing lack of affordable housing locally and nationwide, fueled my ambition to kickstart reHOME to address both the housing crisis and improve the sustainability of the building industry. I am honored to work with this dedicated team to launch the Morales Farm Tiny House project.  reHOME checks all of the boxes for a community-based, sustainable, socially responsible project that addresses the environmental and homeless crises faced by our generation.”

“Friends of the Farms is thrilled to be chosen as the pilot reHOME project.  When farmers live where they work they are not only good stewards of our land, providing nutritious food for our community, they also support our local economy.  When housing is available, more land is farmed, new jobs are created as young people are attracted to and stay in our community to start businesses and families. Our farmers buy from local businesses, sell to many local restaurants and stores, sell directly to consumers through CSA’s, and give back to their community by donating produce to local food banks.”

“Since 1989, Housing Resources Bainbridge has created affordable homes on Bainbridge so that people with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise can live here and contribute to the vitality of our community. Farmers contribute abundantly — stewarding our lands and nourishing our families. We are thrilled to participate in a project that provides housing for these farmers and achieves affordability through innovative and environmentally responsible design.”

What can you do?

Volunteers Needed!

Join the reHOME volunteer team as we build affordable housing for farm interns at Morales Farm on the island.

Skilled and unskilled volunteers, 18 years or older, are needed to work alongside Clark Construction as we build three new structures using repurposed and recycled materials. This collaborative community project will help ease our farmer housing crisis while utilizing new and innovative ideas in green building design and serve as a model for future affordable housing projects.

Make a donation to the Morales Farm reHOME Project!

Morales Farm is the first recipient of the reHOME Project. Join us in celebrating the beginning of an amazing endeavor.

The reHOME team partners are donating over $270,000 in pro-bono design, construction, and project management to the Morales Farm reHOME project.

Please join us in raising $200,000 to bring this visionary project to reality.

Your donations will build affordable housing and help ensure the next generation of local farmers can grow and thrive.

Where will your donations go?

To fund construction of three new living spaces to provide direly needed affordable housing for five farm interns and new farmers, using repurposed or recycled materials; and provide a replicable sustainable design solution for other affordable housing projects.

Your contributions will cover project costs for permits and licenses, utility hookups, taxes, insurance, and construction materials and interior finishes that cannot be obtained for free.

Isn’t recycled or repurposed free?

Not always. Think buying recycled paper for your printer.

Even tiny houses require materials to build and not everything will be available from donations. Fortunately, places like Second Use, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, even garage sales are great resources for purchasing orphaned materials that could otherwise end up in the landfill.

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Together we built Bainbridge Island’s first affordable tiny homes.